Accommodation In Salamanca

With a Spanish host family

All our host families have been carefully chosen and are evaluated continually in reports made by our students. They all live near the school, so it will only take you 5 to 20 minutes to walk to DILE, go to do your shopping or stroll around the Old Town.

Staying with a host family will help you to practise your Spanish and is a very enriching experience. And, of course, the DILE Team is always available to resolve any problems you may have.

You can stay in a single or shared room and choose between half board (breakfast and lunch) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

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In a student residence

The student residences are in the city centre between 5 and 15 minutes’ walk from DILE. They have a youthful atmosphere and give you the chance to meet students from many different countries.

They generally have rooms with shared bathrooms, although there are also residences that have private bathrooms.

You can stay in a single or shared room and choose between half board (breakfast and lunch) or full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

In a student flat

Flats where you share the communal areas (living room, kitchen and bathroom) with three or four other students, who will usually be from other countries.

The communal areas are equipped with the essentials (kitchen utensils, glasses, plates, fridge, washing machine, TV, etc). You only need to bring your own sheets and towels. Gas bills must be paid by the tenants.

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In a studio or private apartment

Apartments for one, two or more people, depending on whether you need it just for yourself or are accompanied by more people. They have a fully- equipped bathroom, kitchen area and a small living area, and are adequately furnished. They must be reserved in advance and you should specify exactly what you want as availability and prices vary depending on the location and comfort of the apartment. Do not hesitate to consult us.

Other accommodation types

If you prefer to live in a “pension”, hostel or hotel, Salamanca has a wide range of establishments among which you are sure to find one that suits your preferences. We will look for what you need and arrange everything so that it is all ready for you on your arrival. Consult us.

Click here to see the general conditions for all accommodation types (PDF)