Spanish placement test the first day


We give courses at the following levels, based on the Common European Framework:


  • C2 – Proficiency (Mastery)

    You can read any document fluently. You can express yourself in any situation by adapting your style accordingly. You understand the nuances and registers of spoken language and can take part in any conversation.

  • C1 - Upper-Advanced (Effective Operational Proficiency)

    You can read and write all types of documents without difficulty. You can take part confidently in conversations with a variety of contents, using idioms for greater precision.

  • Advanced

    You can understand written and aural texts well and you can express yourself confidently in everyday and professional situations. You can give opinions and discuss things with ease.

  • B2 - Upper-Intermediate (Vantage)

    You can understand and produce abstract texts in a given context. You can give opinions on and discuss concrete and abstract topics and manage in unexpected situations.

  • B1 - Intermediate (Threshold)

    You can understand texts about everyday situations and topics of personal interest. You can express yourself with a certain degree of fluency in everyday and professional situations.

  • A2 - Pre-Intermediate (Waystage)

    You can read and write simple texts. You understand questions and can give simple replies in everyday situations.

  • A1 - Elementary (Breakthrough)

    You know a limited number of words and phrases, useful for expressing basic needs and asking simple questions.

  • Beginner

    You have never studied Spanish before.

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