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Our Curriculum is adapted to the guidelines of the Instituto Cervantes.

Our fundamentally communicative method follows procedures for significative teaching and the inductive approach, and is based on two fundamental principles:

The student is the focal point of all our teaching

At DILE our teaching is designed so that our students really learn. The teacher is essentially a stimulus for each student to learn and puts great effort into helping the student to make Spanish an integral part of his or her knowledge and life. This is why our students’ needs, outlook on life, ability, available time and reasons for learning Spanish are the parameters on which we base our teaching.

We consider your acquisition of speaking and listening skills to be of prime importance, but we know that Spanish should not be taught in the same way to a person who wants to be able to speak to friends or travel, as to someone who intends to use the language in business or at university. For this reason we also develop other language skills (reading comprehension, writing, metalinguistic skills) and design the activities according to your needs and wishes.

Spanish is, above all, a tool for communicating and for socialising

All the activities and teaching materials used at DILE are intended to improve our students’ communication skills. We help you to perfect your language skills, but also your ability to adapt the way you speak to every situation, your knowledge of culture and your discourse skills and strategies. You will then be able to use Spanish to deal efficiently with tasks and problems you can already solve in your own language.

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