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Ici on peut voir les opinions de certains de nos élèves:

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  • Gracias por todo. La verdad es que aprendí muchisimo en DILE. Tenais unos profesores muy buenos. Pero lo mejor es que siempre tengais tiempo para ayudar. Realmente un buen equipo! - perruques

  • Una vez más gracias por su hospitalidad, al supervisión durante todo el período de formación y, especialmente, su amabilidad.

    Mi agradecimiento al todo personal docente de la Institución qué tiene mucho mérito.

    Muchas gracias.

    Un beso,


  • I have to say that from start to finish, everything was fabulous. We were looked after so well right from the beginning. Our host families were all excellent. They made us feel so welcome and the food was traditional, home-cooked and delicious. I felt so safe and secure knowing that the two young students were so well looked-after and comfortable with their host families. My host mother, was so friendly and went out of her way to cook me traditional meals which, I might add, were delicious.

    The school was great, too. They made us feel very welcome and the classes were very interesting. The teachers were super-friendly and we have great memories of our week there.

    Thank you so much for making our trip an unforgettable experience. It really was a pleasure to deal with you.

    On behalf of Stefani, Joel and myself, thanks to all the staff at Dile for the exceptional treatment we received.

    You are one in a million!

    Kind regards,


  • Mary says that she is very happy both with the teachers and the tuition. She also felt that DILE generally was well-organised.

    Mary also bonded with her host mother. She really looked after our daughter, making sure she ate properly and did her homework. She also taught her some Spanish dances. There were tears when the two of them had to say goodbye. As parents, you will understand how much that meant to my wife and me.


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