Spanish school in Salamanca


DILE is in the centre of Salamanca, close to the shopping centre and just 5 minutes’ walk from the Plaza Mayor, the soul of Salamanca’s community life.

The student residences, flats, private apartments and our host families are all between 5 and 20 minutes' walk from DILE. As a result, it is not generally necessary to use public transport to come to school, go shopping, go to the cinema, a concert or the theatre, or simply to go out with your friends.

The train station, which is in the north of Salamanca, is about 30 minutes' walk from DILE.

The bus and coach station, which is in the west of Salamanca, is about 10 minutes' walk from DILE.


Our address:

DILE Cursos Internacionales de Español

Plaza del Oeste 3

37007 Salamanca


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Ya somos 577 millones de hispanohablantes.[+]
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